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How Kus Culture is Building a Successful Haircare Empire

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2021

Bishes Building Empires Through Consistency and here is the T...

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals. -E. James Rohn

The thought of building a successful business often sounds intimidating. If you’ve never done it before (or even if you have), finding the confidence to go after your vision is often challenging. In this blog, we’ll follow the story of one Bish School student, Cass Markus, while she built her empire: Kus Culture.

Cass demonstrates the value of consistency and perseverance even in the face of obstacles that came her way.

Kus Culture on Day One

Cass has had the idea for a haircare company for years. She’s always gotten hair compliments from close friends, family, and even strangers on the street, and she can even remember sitting down to tell her mum, “I really want to start a hair care company.” She just needed to get started on her vision.

Now that she’s four years into it, the beginning feels like a distant memory, but she still remembers sketching out brand names. “Kus” comes from her last name “Markus,” and she selected it because she wanted to keep it family-oriented. Today, the business name helps convey the closeness she feels with her healthy hair community members: the #KusFam.

Success and Failure Along the Way

Kus has been live since 2018 and has seen both success and growth. However, it’s also seen its fair share of obstacles and failures along the way. Yet, Cass believes that her fear of failure has helped her become successful.

“Hmm, I think fear is good. You need to be scared of failure to keep pushing forward to NOT fail.”

That said, she also acknowledges that too much fear can make you feel afraid of risks and moving forward. “I believe you need to recognize your fears in business and in growth in order to bounce off them and elevate yourself.”

Cass says that the small failures that she’s seen during her time at Kus have all come down to her own lack of preparedness. She talked to us about one of her product launches and the lessons she learned about how to be successful in the future.

The biggest [failure] I would have to say would be my last hair care product launch: The Heat Protect Spray. It took about 11 months to develop this product, and I only planned the launch for a few weeks. I didn’t create enough hype, and I didn’t get any micro-influencers on board. I honestly just spoke about it in a few easily forgotten stories and did a few posts.


Back then in 2019, I thought I was doing a killer job. But I wasn’t enough. Come launch day, I’d made maybe 8 sales on the new product…if that! I was so disappointed in myself because I knew this was an amazing product. I’d just invested a lot of my savings and time into it, and I didn’t understand why people didn’t buy it straight away. To be honest, I didn’t know the power of social media and how to tell a story before launching a product.


I took some time to really map out how I wanted my brand to look, feel, and the message I wanted to deliver. In 2020, I launched an accessory range, a microfibre hair towel, new wooden combs and brushes, and silk pillowcases. I experimented with each launch and tweaked them all as I went through the year to accomplish my most successful launch – the silk pillowcases!


I honestly can’t wait for my next product launch in February 2021 because I have some new and improved strategies to go off!


And although Cass is constantly learning about ways to improve, 2020 also held a lot of success for Kus. Each new launch was more successful than the last with new and improved content, fresh ideas, and entirely original branding. When Cass took the plunge and left her full-time retail management job to purely pursue Kus, she expanded her creative knowledge and skills, and the company had its two biggest months of its existence (November and December 2020). Cass ultimately credits time, planning, and consistency to get to this point.

Consistency is Key

Overall, Cass knows that her mindset is the biggest contributor to what she achieves each day. Creating consistency in a schedule helps her to foster productivity and creativity even when she has a rushed or stressful day.

“For the past several months, I’ve been working on my growth mindset with Bish School, and now I can easily recognize if I need to take a break or breather to re-focus and then power on. I also feel that mindset, organization, and planning go hand-in-hand. Planning ahead has helped my mindset stay fresh and positive.”

Cass has seen firsthand how applying the basic fundamentals of her business consistency has lent itself to success. When her launch didn’t go as planned, she didn’t panic. She took notes on what she could have done better and mapped out how to improve for next time. With both success and failure as part of her business journey, she knows that her consistency and perseverance makes the difference.

 “Your talent is you. You are your talent. You need not be afraid of success, but of failure, to keep pushing forward.” 

For more information on how you can grow online with consistency just like Cass, visit here.