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How Having a Vision Makes for a Strong Brand

I’d always known I wanted a space like Yaya Sisterhood to exist for my daughters, but I didn’t know where to find it. I certainly didn’t think I would be the one to initiate this kind of offering – much less turn it into a business!” – Kim Darby

The Yaya Sisterhood is the passion project and lovechild of Cairns local Kim Darby. Kim spent five years facilitating sacred circles, ceremonies and workshops focussed on self-care, self-love, self-responsibility, mindfulness and body awareness. She is a mother, woman and advocate who is building a legacy that will deeply impact young women and is a whole lot of what the world needs right now.

The hardest part of anything is starting

Her journey to the Yaya Sisterhood first began after the birth of her third daughter. Kim felt a calling to begin working with and alongside women. She dove deep into all women’s work [Full & New Moon circles, courses, workshops]. She brought women together and soon witnessed the magic that unfolded when women came together – without their egos – to listen, hold space and celebrate one another.

These experiences prompted her to ask questions like, “What if every woman knew this collective feeling of togetherness? What if young girls could have this knowledge and awareness as children? What if this saved them years of feeling like they were alone and misunderstood? What if it saved them years of hating their body, feeling misunderstood or struggling with their mental health?”

Kim dreamt of teaching the importance of positive collaboration with others while also learning about body positivity, self-confidence, nutrition, self-love, mindfulness and social media safety. She wanted to have an impact on women so early in life that she could help them to avoid their struggles. She wondered where she could find such a community for her own daughters. Not a dance class, not yoga, not sports – a space to just BE.

“For years I’d communicate with my daughters openly and explore the concepts of women supporting women. However, I kept hearing recollections of their experiences that contained words like ‘competition, ignoring, silent treatment, teasing, gossiping, secrets and rumours, drama.’ One day, I had heard enough!”

Kim felt the deep urge to create the space that she couldn’t find locally. The Yaya Sisterhood was born.

How to keep growing your business

Kim’s first venture? Empowerment workshops for young women in the community. It didn’t take long for parents to begin reaching out. They were equally excited about the concept she was proposing.

Before long, momentum built up, and a niche community was forming before her eyes. The feedback, testimonials, and reviews began to flow in. At this point, it was simply fuelling the fire for Kim. She was ready to explore and expand the Yaya Sisterhood beyond stand-alone workshops. Her goal was to create additional ways to support women and give them “space” to grow in confidence.

Armed with black coffee, notes and goal planning, Kim fully realised the gap in the market. She was on a mission to legitimise her business and created a plan – complete with a strategy and plan to scale her business in each successive phase. She now credits the growth of the Yaya Sisterhood to consistency anchored in her vision and her desire to impact young women.

Her advice for up and coming start-up businesses is to “boldly declare your intentions! Skin [and heart!] in the game! Commit. Then SHOW UP. Oh! And anchor DEEP into your values and vision! Because knowing them, you’ll have something to always fall back on. Every bump in the road, every rejection, every mistake, every wrong turn – you can look back at your values and vision and a point of motivation. You’ll be able to and dust yourself off and give yourself a healthy dose of much-needed pep-talking!”

Where the Yaya Sisterhood is headed

The vision of the Yaya Sisterhood is now clear. In the coming years, you’ll witness a niche brand develop a program that delivers workshops, holiday programs, YouTube videos, podcasts, charity events and more for young women across Australia.

If the women of our future have access to the Yaya Sisterhood – an organisation creating and facilitating a fun and safe space for young girls to empower themselves with the awareness that they are worthy of being seen, heard, held, celebrated – then it’s safe to say that the future is most definitely female.

Where to next? 

Kim is a Brand School Student who is kicking major goals - come join her as an insider to explore more cool people all over the World building unique empire. Click here to get started.