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How to Build a 6 Figure Business with a Simple Strategy – ALoN’ s Story

At just 21 years of age, ALoN DaviD finished the mandatory three years of Israeli military service. He then decided to pack up his life and never look back. Without any solid plan for success, connections, or qualifications, ALoN arrived in the United States. The only thing on his side? The unwavering belief that he would use this opportunity to build financial freedom from the ground up.

Building his first 6-figure business

ALoN began his new life in Texas where he enrolled at a community college. He juggled a minimum wage construction job that paid only $5.25 per hour and a night job cleaning shopping centres. These were humble beginnings for a man who was determined to create more for himself.

“I knew in my heart that I wanted to build an empire. Unfortunately, simply getting a degree wasn’t going to be enough for me to build something that matched the size of my dreams.”

Keep in mind, at this point, ALoN was barely making ends meet, which was problematic given his long-term goal of creating six-figure businesses. He was determined to somehow shift his mindset into one of action and accountability, and he decided to do this by setting goals that were time-sensitive. He felt certain that this would help him move out of his current situation and work toward his goals.

Immediately, the shift in mindset spurred progress. ALoN began working at an insurance agency, and he developed his professional experience in an industry that he had no previous experience in. Driven as he was, ALoN set goals that allowed the agency turnover to develop from approximately $300,000 per year to just $3 million per year in under three years.

How was this possible? ALoN now credits this success to his creation of systems that kept him on track and accountable every single day. He never felt overwhelmed by the end goal but rather took bite-sized steps that could be completed daily.


“Without a system, it’s incredibly difficult to manage time and be productive. Time management is one of the most essential pieces of a successful business. We know that our time is limited. No one is going to deposit more time in your bank. Money? Sure. But not time. When you waste it, you’re not going to get more of it, so making the most out of the time that we have is paramount.” 

ALoN worked hard within his role, set daily tasks, completed goals and documented his processes. While doing so, he acquired several goal planners to help keep him on track, but each time he was sorely disappointed. “I was craving a better way to achieve my goals in a timely manner. I wanted a system that I could follow to move mountains. Ultimately, I realized that what I needed wasn’t out there because it was in my head.


How one 6-figure business led to another

ALoN was determined to confirm that the unique system he developed was at the root of his success. Once again, he stepped outside of his comfort zone to test his ability to grow a second six-figure business within a tight time frame. So, he took that system that he used at the insurance agency and he established a photography business. While he had dabbled in photography for 12 months prior, he had no true professional experience. He needed to start building his reputation and experience.


In the beginning, he recalls emailing over 100 photographers in his local area. He offered his time for free in exchange for experience. “I literally offered to follow them around, carry their bags, and just observe them to gain knowledge.”

Yet, after zero responses, he hadn’t gotten very far. Instead of giving up, he pushed harder. He reached into his networks and offered his services free of charge in order to develop his new portfolio. Shortly thereafter, ALoN started setting time-sensitive goals that could help him propel him towards his long-term plan of developing another six-figure business (just like he did the first time).

Sure enough, business success came all over again, and ALoN realised that – regardless of the business, industry or experience – his approach and systems for goal-setting were something special.


How his system can help you too

ALoN began to document his processes immediately. He knew these systematic processes that he had used over the years to take action, remain accountable and see success in impressively short periods were his ticket to making it big. The business opportunity that would become the foundation of his empire was right in front of him. 

Again, he decided to put his goal setting systems to the absolute test by allowing himself just 90 days to take this planner from ideation to reality. Using his own system, he planned to create a product and build a business in an outrageously short period of time. Even more impressively, ALoN was not only seeking discomfort and starting a new business, but he was doing this while continuing to maintain the other businesses he began.

Working at his successful photography business during the day and raising two small children, ALoN had small pockets of time to work on the 90x project. So, from 10 PM to 2 AM each night, Alon would coordinate with designers in Tel Aviv and manufacturers in China to pull the product together. He built a product he could have full confidence in and that he could sell to businesses, coaches and entrepreneurs across the globe.

While the 90X® Goal System developed out of need, it was also tried, true, and tested. ALoN had used it time and time again to created several companies that had already reached six figures. By the time it hit the market, ALoN had taken what worked, eliminated what didn’t, and put it all into one minimalistic system.

“Success can mean a lot of different things to people, so it’s crucial that you know ahead of time what your success will look like.” ALoN knows his goals got him there. The 90x Planner is now available in over 100 countries.

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